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Welcome to the Cboe Trading Permit Holder General Information page. Here you will find Cboe Trading Permit Holder information regarding the topics below.

Liquidity Provider Information

Visit this page to access links to select Remote Market Maker forms and circulars such as the Market Performance Report Form and DPM Floor Memos.

Trading Permit Holder Forms Library

Visit the Cboe Trading Permit Holder Forms Library where you can access various forms and information on Trading Permits, Bandwidth, and SPX Tier Appointments.

Market Replay Access Request Forms

Cboe Brokers and TPH Firms can use this internal tool to view their quotes/trades/orders on a next-to real-time and historical basis. Click the link above to request access.

Restricted Classes

Visit the above link for Classes Restricted to Closing Orders Only memos.

Regulatory Forms

Access and/or print copies of OE-418 Instructions and Form OE-418.

12+ Leg Submission Form

Access the 12+ Leg Submission Form for reporting pursuant to Exchange Rules 6.53.02 and 24.20.01.