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About Redline Trading Solutions

Redline Trading Solutions provides intelligent trading solutions that solve today's tough latency, throughput, and cost challenges. With offices in Boston, New York, Chicago, London, and Hong Kong, Redline's customers include leading investment banks, brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.

Our applications are highly optimized for platforms based on the Intel Xeon E5 processor series and ultra-low latency network adapter technologies. We support over 130 global equities, options, futures, foreign exchange and fixed income markets.

Buy-side and sell-side firms choose Redline to achieve faster, more deterministic performance and gain unique market insights while lowering development and operational costs.

InRush Ticker Plant

Redline's InRushTM Accelerated Ticker Plant is a highly optimized enterprise-class ticker plant that terminates market data from multiple feed sources on a fraction of a single server. InRush maintains full-depth books for all symbols on the wire and builds composite books. InRush delivers ultra-low latency intelligent trading events to your trading applications. Distribution via RedlineFeed can be local (shared memory) or remote (multicast/unicast transport).

Order Execution Gateway

Redline's Order Execution Gateway provides reliable and ultra-low latency order placement, tracking, and management to multiple execution venues simultaneously for best execution. Redline's Pre-Trade Risk solution enables brokers to set a wide range of risk-check parameters at the order and portfolio levels for each of their clients to ensure compliance and protection of client trades prior to execution.

Managed Service

Redline Managed Service offers a menu of service options to procure, configure, install, monitor and maintain our trading solutions in requested co-lo datacenters, helping customers reduce capital and operational costs.

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Lee Fisher, VP of Marketing
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