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Requests for Customized Data Reports

Please complete the information below regarding your request, providing as complete a description as possible. You will be contacted by a Business Analysis staff member to discuss your request in more detail. Each request will be assigned on first-come basis, but actual completion of your request will be dependent on complexity, staff availability and urgency. Questions regarding this request page should be directed to or by contacting Alicia Goldberg at (312) 786-7585.

Please visit for requests related to historical options market data, including historical OPRA, end-of-day options summaries and open/close volume summaries.

If this request is related to a regulatory matter, please contact the Regulatory Services Division staff member handling the Exchange investigation, examination, or inquiry or the Division's Regulatory Interpretations and Guidance team either by telephone at (312) 786-8141 or by email at (Failure to comply with this requirement may subject the TPH to disciplinary action for a violation of just and equitable principles of trade).

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