CFE Market Data Questions

1. What's the difference between CFE market data & MDI?
CFE market data is provided via real-time data feeds consisting of futures quotes and trades from the CBOE Futures Exchange ("CFE"). Top of book and book depth feeds are available. The data includes VIX futures and options on VIX futures, as well as the underlying VIX Index spot values.

MDI is a data feed consisting of real-time values for over 250 indexes including the S&P 500 Index (SPX), S&P 100 Index (OEX) and VIX Index (VIX). MDI does not include trades or quotes for options or futures based on any of the indexes. For a list of the current index values available on MDI, please review

2. What is provided in each CFE market data service?
CFE Enhanced (Level 1) includes BBO quotes and last sale information, Contingency (AON) quantities, Strategy BBO information (spreads), and the VIX Index spot values. CFE Enhanced with Book Depth (Level 2) is a supplement to the Level 1 feed (Level 1 is always included with Level 2), and provides up to four levels of book depth.

3. What fees are applicable to internal use and distribution of CFE market data?
$2,000 annual Market Data Recipient Fee
$2,500 annual Market Data Redistribution Fee
Bulk Data Feed Fee - $25.00 per data feed per month
CFE Enhanced (Level 1) - $7.50 per Professional Subscriber per month
CFE Enhanced (Level 1) - $1.50 per Non-Professional Subscriber per month
CFE Enhanced with Book Depth (Level 2) - $15.00 per Professional Subscriber per month
CFE Enhanced with Book Depth (Level 2) - $3.00 per Non-Professional Subscriber per month
See the CFE Fee Schedule for more information.

4. What reporting is required for CFE market data real-time users?
All recipients of CFE data via an Extranet and/or CBOE direct connectivity are required to submit monthly reporting to CFE at within 15 days after the end of each month.

5. Can real-time CFE market data be displayed on a website?
Yes, real-time VIX Index values and certain VIX futures data can be displayed on a public website by utilizing the CFE News Service Data license. If your firm does not have a CFE News Service Data license, CFE data may only be displayed on a password protected website if users are bound by a Subscriber Agreement. Access by individual users must be tracked and reported, and is subject to CFE Authorized User/Device fees. See the CFE Market Data Policies for more information.

6. Is CFE market data available through Extranet Service Providers (Extranet)?
Yes, many Extranets carry CFE market data, including NYSE Technologies Connectivity (SFTI), Radianz, Savvis, IPC, NetXpress, Born Capital, Finexeo, Fixnetix, Guavatech, Options-IT, Pico Trading, Perseus, Quanthouse, Redline Trading, R2G Services, and Treus Solutions.

7. How much bandwidth is necessary to access CFE market data?
A 1 GB port is the minimum for receipt of CFE market data.

8. How do I arrange for receipt of CFE market data?
All firms that desire to distribute CFE market data or to obtain it for internal use via an Extranet or direct connectivity must complete and submit the following completed documentation to

Use and distribution of CFE market data is subject to the CFE and CBOE Fee Schedules and to CFE Market Data Policies; these documents need not be submitted.

9. How do I facilitate access once the CFE Market Data Agreement and CFE Customer Form are submitted?
For direct connectivity requests, contact the API group at for information and assistance regarding connecting directly to the CFE market data API. For Extranet connectivity requests, Market Data Services will provide an approval to enable you to receive the CFE market data.

For indirect requests, CBOE Market Data Services will contact the third-party Extranet and/or Vendor and provide them with an approval to enable the CFE data.

10. What are the trading hours for CFE?
When a holiday trading schedule is not in effect, CFE has regular trading hours for all contracts from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, and extended trading hours for VIX futures from 5:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday to 8:15 a.m. CT on the next day.

11. Are retransmissions available?
No, retransmissions are not available for CFE market data at this time.

12. Is the CFE market data pulsed or streaming?
CFE market data is published as a streaming multicast feed.

13. What is the backup for the CFE market data system?
In the event of a failure, warm backup system is in place to continue to provide access to CFE market data. CFE requires that recipients who receive CFE market data through direct connections have redundant communication lines. See the CFE Fee Schedule for further details.

14. What is the format of CFE market data?
CFE market data is transmitted in CSM message format. See or contact the API Group at

15. Will CFE futures trades be included in the market data feeds?
Yes, trades are included in the Level 1 service. The Level 1 service is always included with the Level 2 service (book depth).

16. What data is sent out for the CFE market pre-open?
Pre-open CFE market data will include the product definition and current state of the book. Market orders will not be included.

17. Will there be any changes to the CFE market data feeds as a result of the migration to Bats technology?
Yes, as a part of the migration, we will transition the current Level 1 and Level 2 data feeds to Bats protocols. Bats TOP will be the protocol for Level 1 and Bats PITCH will be the protocol for Level 2. For more information on the planned migration, please review