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About Actant:

Actant is a privately-held software development company founded in 1998 by software engineering and trading professionals. In 1985, they released the first publicly-available front-end software to offer real-time derivatives risk management with automated position updating, integrated quote feed and tick-by-tick analysis.

Actant first introduced mass quote automation to Cboe members back in 2003 when the Cboe deployed its Hybrid trading system. Actant worked closely with clearing firms, DPMs and Cboe exchange architects to deliver the best possible solution. In later years, as the majority of the floor migrated to upstairs trading venues so did their clients. To this day Actant still supports a large remote Cboe member community, and continues to deliver a superior platform for market makers residing in Cboe proprietary products SPX and VIX pits. Their products fully support all Cboe auctions including AIMS, AIM, COA, COB, and SAL.

Actant's state of the art algorithms and technology embedded in our software provide an array of solutions:

Actant Quote is their mass quote automation engine. Actant strives to innovate and continuously deliver solutions that make the markets, not follow them. Keeping ahead of the latest market innovation has been a key factor in Actant retaining and growing its client base.

Actant ExStream is our new execution management engine. A new script language has been developed, ensuring even the most complex multi-asset multi-exchange trading strategies can be scripted on demand with relatively few script lines.

Actant ExStream HitLift is an innovative low latency EMS highly optimized to meet ever changing market dynamics. HitLift has proven its worth in the marketplace by registering microsecond response times capable of capturing marketable order flow on volatile underlying markets.

DEFEND is a revolutionary safety mechanism designed to increase user confidence and secure profitability-protects your quotes and their vulnerability to "pick-offs" in the marketplace.

Actant products are unique, offering access to a built-in scripting language that allows the end user to rapidly implement their own quote or order execution strategies. With Actant you script, compile and activate your auto quote or order execution strategy. Simple.

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Dan Sacks
Phone- 484.417.6066
Email- sales@actant.com


Actant Inc.
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