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Blue Trading Systems is a spin-off of the highly regarded market making firm Blue Capital Group, offering tools built working closely with some of the most successful, demanding traders in the business. BTS delivers comprehensive trading solutions to professional options traders developed over a decade of profitable trading in the Chicago and New York derivatives markets.

BTS Edge: Our Flagship Product

BTS Edge is for intensive proprietary option trading or market making. It offers the full suite of capability and complexity demanded by the most sophisticated options traders.

  • Superior Analytics
  • Custom Risk Reports
  • Trader-Designed Interface
  • Low Latency Electronic Trading
  • Great Value


Furthermore, our support team deeply understands the urgent nature of your business. Courteous, knowledgeable help is delivered immediately, in a way befitting the honor you bestowed upon us when you licensed our product. Our goal is for you never to doubt the wisdom of that decision.

Blue Algo System

Most systems were not built to compete in today's ultra-fast electronic markets, making them vulnerable to getting picked off. Blue Algo is the latest addition to the edge platform, and was built from the ground up to set a new performance standard for commercial options trading software.

Blue Eye is our full featured electronic eye for outrights and spreads.

Blue Hedge is a fast automatic delta hedger for outrights and spreads, in index or commodity markets.

Our Blue Stream quoter offers an Intuitive user interface with innovative management of the quote surface. It includes an extensive set of automatic safeties, including auto-widen, cancel on gap, gating and hedge depth protection. Blue Stream is designed from scratch to offer the lowest possible latency.

Contact Blue Trading Systems:

Email: sales@bluetradesys.com
web: www.bluetradesys.com
Telephone: (919) 913-0850
194 Finley Golf Course Road
Suite 100
Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Additional Product Information

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