3rd Party Connectivity


Quote Engine Delivers Trader Flexibility for both Equities & Indexes
"Why be Handcuffed by Scripting?"

Non-scripting logic technology - Quote Engine allows the trader to apply his or her own intuition and intelligence to market conditions. Quote Engine isn't limited by commands from basic canned scripts.

Speed - Engineered with proprietary algorithms, sophisticated quote feeds, superior networking and auto-hedging to provide remarkable edge for option traders.

Reliability - Utilized by an established DPM for over 1 1/2 years. Robust development team on staff in Chicago for timely system enhancements at the exchange level or industry wide. Quote technology was developed and used for over a decade on the Eurex Exchange.

Customer Service - Raising the bar in knowledge and assistance. Edge Specialists takes great pride in trader satisfaction. Edge Staff encourages feedback from users for continuous improvement.

Contact: Michael Buczynski
E-mail: support@edgespecialist.com
Telephone: 312.399.0006