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SpiderRock Platform Services

SpiderRock Platform Services offer a data centric Trading, Risk/Portfolio Management, and Order Routing Platform to Institutional and Large Derivatives traders.

  • Unmatched Modular Trading and Risk Management Platform for derivatives
  • Unique Custom SQL API for Trading, Risk and Launching Managed Orders
  • Supports US listed equity/ETF options and related stocks
  • INDICES, VIX and CME products to be supported in early summer 2013
  • Specializes in the management of volatility orders
  • Offering additional Complex Order Types in our suite of Algorithmic strategies
  • Broker Neutral

The SpiderRock system is a cloud-based managed software delivered to your desktop via a Citrix solution or other remote applications. Our main data center is in NY4, Secaucus, with a second hub at the Equinix center in Chicago. The system is a set of high performance servers running on 10 Gig lines and Kernel Bypass cards to minimize processing latency.

The current infrastructure supports high throughput FIX inbound and outbound messages, processes direct market data feeds, loads BOD position files received from prime brokers, processes fills and drops in real time so that risk updates on a continual basis, allows our clients to enter and manage orders via GUI tools, our FIX client gateway or our proprietary SQL API. All messages travel through the message bus. Parent orders get broken up into multiple child orders at the algorithmic engine level and transmitted via our FIX street gateway to executing brokers of choice as DMA orders.

The SpiderRock front end can now be delivered as a complete package or as individual trading tools. Components include an advanced market symbol/option chain viewer, an order entry/management tool for complex orders, a portfolio risk/hedging tool capable of managing multiple accounts and any number of underlying symbols, a trade and order waterfall monitor, a theoretical edge scanner with integrated risk management, and a new volatility charting and modeling tool.

The SpiderRock platform also includes a number of new order types enabling additional styles of order management including taking and posting liquidity intelligently, staging orders to buy a fixed number of contracts or a fixed amount of vega across a number of strikes at the best current possible price, sweeping exchange complex order books, legging spread orders into individual markets, and performance driven option TWAP orders.

Contact information
Annabelle Baldwin: (312) 256-9618