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Symphono Trading

Since 2002, Symphono has been providing technology strategy and software engineering consulting services for capital markets clients. Our senior management team and engineers share years of experience working in premier financial institutions, developing and supporting enterprise critical technology solutions. Our knowledge of the capital markets, the financial industry, and technology empowers us to help our clients innovate and bring their visions to market. In 2010, Symphono began a product development strategy to broaden and strengthen the value we provide our clients. Trading System X (TSX) and Symphono Analytics were brought to market in May of 2010 to transform the ability of our clients to capture edge in options markets.

Symphono's "Trading System X", or TSX, is a low-latency market making and algorithmic trading solution for options that provides not just speed but also scalability and sophistication. TSX was designed from the ground up to be an open, extensible, and flexible automated trading platform which would raise the bar for performance and scalability while allowing users to have maximum control over every aspect of automated trading and quoting. In addition, Symphono's years of consulting and custom development allow us to provide a level of partnership unique to an ISV.

Symphono LLC
175 W. Jackson, Suite 1770
Chicago, IL 60604

Contact: Drew Shields
Tel: 888-887-9242
E-mail: info@symphonotrading.com
Web: www.symphonotrading.com

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