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SPX Options - Conversion to the Hybrid Platform

Effective April 30, 2018, Cboe Exchange, Inc. converted the A.M.-settled SPX options series to the standard Hybrid trading platform during Regular Trading Hours (RTH).

Here are some key links to more information:

Cboe Silexx OEMS
Cboe Silexx OEMS - a low cost, multi-asset, broker-neutral, front-end execution management system, which allows users to send orders to options, futures and equities exchanges globally.

Cboe's internet-based FLEX system.

Electronic Auctions
In the electronic environment Cboe provides potential for price improvement via an auction mechanism.

Cboe offers automated paired order functionality for facilitation and solicitation orders with the Automated Improvement Mechanism (AIM).

Complex Orders
Cboe Hybrid's Complex Order Book (COB) and Complex Order Auction (COA), available in all classes, provide automatic execution possibilities and potential for price improvement for complex orders.

NBBO Step-up
The Hybrid Agency Liaison mechanism, or HAL, automates the handling of NBBO rejects.

Sponsored Users Program
Cboe's Sponsored User Program permits a non-member Sponsored User to be provided with electronic access, through a sponsorship arrangement with a Sponsoring Member, to enter and execute orders on all products traded on Cboe.